Trocadéro Square in Paris (France)

Tanjakrstevska 60 2017-08-22
Trocadéro Square in Paris (France) puzzle

Trocadéro Square is situated on the river Seine and is considered to be one of the most important places in the capital of France, it is also its largest square. Its name commemorates the victory that the French troops ensured over the Spaniards in the siege of Spanish Fort Trocadéro in 1823. The square was built on the hill of Chaillot on the occasion of the World’s Fair of 1867. There was a palace in the central place of the square, however, it did not survive to our times. It was replaced by a massive monumental building, which consists of two pavilions in the shape of arcs. Inside there are museums and galleries, what is more, the best view of the Eiffel Tower can be admired from the place between the arcs.

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much simpler than I thought it might be. Neat picturenie znam :(super!80mamMiłe wspomnienia i widok wspaniały.:):)61piękne zdjęcie i dobrze się układa54/1558.ok.:(7957.ok.:)kakafajne55/1756,ok.595962,5858,58,ok.62,:)565861,6065,okjestem nr 1 na liście :)

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