Panorama of the old town of Ljubljana (Slovenia)

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Panorama of the old town of Ljubljana (Slovenia) puzzle

Ljubljana is the capital of Slovenia, it lies in the central part of the country on the river Ljubljanica. The city has very long history that dates back more than 4000 years. According to a popular legend, it was founded by Jason and the Argonauts, who were fleeing before king Aeëtes, from whom they had stolen the Golden Fleece, and during that escape they sailed into the Ljubljanica River. There they met a dragon, which was defeated in a victorious struggle, and they set up a camp - the foundation of today's city. In order to commemorate those events, the dragon became the symbol of the city and is depicted in its coat of arms. Despite the fact that Ljubljana is the capital city, it is not a great metropolis, but it is intimate and welcoming, offering a friendly ambience. Visitors to the city, however, will not be bored – because of its charm and abundance of cultural attractions Ljubljana found itself among the most attractive cities in the “Oscars for World Tourism 2015” competition, in which the users of the Internet are the jury.

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