Bridges near the old town of Nuremberg (Germany)

Lukasz Skorwider 638 2020-02-08
Bridges near the old town of Nuremberg (Germany)

Nuremberg is a large German city in Middle Franconia, the region located in Bavaria. Nuremberg's old town is picturesquely divided by the Pegnitz River, for that reason the best views of the historical center of the city can be admired from numerous bridges that connect its two banks. The 15th-century Maxbrücke is the oldest stone bridge of the city. In Nuremberg there is also the 68-meter Kettensteg chain bridge and the famous wooden Hangman’s Bridge. The Fleisch Bridge is also noteworthy, it is one of the few historic structures in the city that was not destroyed during World War II and has remained almost intact since the end of the sixteenth century.

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