A narrow country road covered with snow

iancucristi 77 2018-12-22
A narrow country road covered with snow online puzzle

Hikers love to venture into isolated areas where wild nature, peace and harmony dominate. In some places they may come across a village hidden among forests or hills, where people live much slower and calmer than in cities. Enthusiasts of trekking are able to travel many kilometers to meet people who share different values and have a completely different way of life. These kinds of confrontations allow us to look at our own world from the point of view of another person and catch some distance to the things that we may attach too much importance.

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Best time

  • 1:45ewana
  • 2:09ale
  • 2:16eli
  • 2:22art
  • 2:23Mira
  • 2:41d
  • 2:46(74)xxx
  • 2:46(75)elkusi
  • 2:52Mariola
  • 2:56miczkins

Best accuracy

  • 68(2:59)art
  • 68(9:14)Reniek
  • 69(2:17)ewana
  • 69(3:16)eli
  • 69(16:39)x
  • 70(2:30)Mira
  • 70(2:35)ale
  • 70(3:38)a
  • 71(2:51)xxx
  • 71(49:39)erer

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TROSZECZKĘ LEPIEJ 75 DO POPRAWKI 80 dwa bledy, wynik 77 pięknie, choć ciężko iść po takiej drodze... Oj, nie było łatwo: 107 Mój wynik 98.Tak sobie. 85 ok :) 74 76 ZDROWYCH WESOŁYCH ŚWIĄT, BOGATEGO GWIAZDORKA ŻYCZY GRAŻYNKA 74 ok jest Prawdziwa zima 82 82 tt 120 ok 77/29 74 76 jest jestem na liście :) (75)

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