Alaskan malamute puppy

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Alaskan malamute puppy puzzle

Alaskan Malamute is one of the oldest breeds of dogs in the world, classified as the so-called primary breeds. Genetic research has shown that the Alaskan Malamutes have not changed in appearance and temperament for many centuries. They were discovered by European settlers who settled in the northern parts of America and gave these dogs a name referring to the place of occurrence and an ethnonym of the Malhemut tribe breeding these strong animals. The Alaskan Malamutes were appreciated by gold seekers and settlers due to their physical strength and endurance to difficult conditions, nevertheless they were crossed with European dogs, which were slightly larger than their North American cousins. As a result of these activities, the breed has become almost completely extinct. However, as early as in the 1920s, effective measures were taken to preserve the purity of the Malamutes.

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