Wine gums

Eduardo Rivero 294 2011-08-20
Wine gums

Wine gums are a kind of sweets produced on the basis of jelly. They are produced mostly from gelatin (sometimes from pectin) and sugar. Wine gums may be of various colors and flavors (depending of flavoring and aromatic substances as well as dyestuff that have been used) and shapes (very popular are the shapes of animals, e.g. bears or snakes). Wine gums are often considered as sweets, which contain so called empty calories (it is advisable not to eat too many of them). Due to a large amount of sugar that they contain the risk of dental caries is significant (after eating wine gums it is advisable to brush teeth).

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uff...masakra..797 ok walka do konca ,wynik 581 879 Ciężko się układa, ale satysfakcja jest ogromna. :D :> Trudne.. ;) masakra :) najgorsza końcówka,a powinno być łatwiej:)trzeba spróbować jeszcze raz.

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