Kusadasi resort (Turkey)

Alena Stalmashonak 35 2014-10-23
Kusadasi resort (Turkey) online puzzle

Kusadasi is a resort town located on Turkish western coast, on the Aegean Sea. Its name comes from the composition of Turkish words “kus” (bird) and “ada” (head). The shape of the peninsula, on which the town is situated, seen from neighboring hills resembles a bird’s head. Tourism is the basis of Kusadasi’s economy. Old houses sparse on the sea coast were transformed into restaurants and cafes, whereas the town itself is full of hotels, houses for rent and luxurious seaside villas, which give the town some European character. Nevertheless, the Middle East location of the resort is also very visible as there are many street vendors, who sell carpets, leather products, jewelry and regional food.

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Best time

  • 0:35jak
  • 0:40Diama
  • 0:42(32)goga
  • 0:42(33)xxx
  • 0:42(34)Magnolia
  • 0:43Baca
  • 0:44(31)agata
  • 0:44(32)bbb
  • 0:45bogusia
  • 0:46ted49

Best accuracy

  • 27bbb
  • 28(0:44)Diama
  • 28(0:52)bogusia
  • 28(0:53)ted49
  • 28(0:54)eli
  • 28(0:58)xxx
  • 28(0:58)ewana
  • 28(1:19)Badul
  • 28(3:11)Baca
  • 29jak

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super! 54 jest :) 33...super 38,ok. 32,ok. cudo łatwe ale 65 Gostaria de conhecer... 36 33 :) jej 34 36... piękny kurort, w miare łatwe - 34 :) myślałam że będzie trudno - 32 Muslim morderstwo,wynik 34 yay Super Puzzle . Polecam fajnie cięko 66 Całkiem ładna zabawa łatwy Początek :) super prawie się udało - 36 fajne :) ciekawy widok Ładny widok! 53 O.K 36 ok

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