Tōkyō Station in Tokyo (Japan)

Hapihapi 96 2015-06-21
Tōkyō Station in Tokyo (Japan) puzzle

Shinjuku is one of the 23 special wards of Tokyo and it is full of office buildings and banks. There is a large railway station that serves over 3,5 million travelers daily. The consecutive stations are dominated by shopping centers and other buildings. Modern skyscrapers, numerous entertainment centers, railway viaducts and stations as well as the road network create a specific urban labyrinth, which is constantly vibrant with life. From the side of Marunouchi district visitors may admire the historic building of the railway station built in 1914. Its decorative brick-red façade contrasts with the modernist style of the surrounding skyscrapers. The station has many underground and ground-based platforms, and it is the main starting and final station in Tokyo. In 2012 the building was restored and since that time we may admire its octagonal beautifully illuminated dome that crowns the northern wing.

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