Boxes with colorful spices and teas online puzzle

Evrenkalinbacak 150 2015-09-11
Boxes with colorful spices and teas online puzzle

Tea is the name of a brew obtained from leaves and buds of plants of the same name. The word from which the name of tea derives originated in China. It is one of the signs of the local alphabet, which can be read in two ways - “te” or “cha” – the way of reading depends on the dialect. The first pronunciation has become the word-formation basis in the West European languages. The English word “tea” and German “Tee” derive from it. “Te” is also the basis of the Polish word “herbata”, which is the cluster of two Latin words – “herba”, i.e. herb, and “thea”, which was used to refer to a tea tree. The second Chinese pronunciation has influenced the Eastern European and Middle Eastern languages, e.g. it is the basis of the Russian word “chai”.

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      done!nice puzzleOKokok:)fajne te przyprawy 155135troche trudne, ale fajne - 159okogu 182jjj180 bez podglądu :)170oki:))):)okByło fajnie139 to trochę za dużo, ale pachnąco się układa :) POLECAMSuper :) 127...ładneextra300okSuper, ale dało mi w kość. Do wyniku się nie przyznam :-).okDużo tego jest 189418128 ujdzieok?458Trudne, ale fajne 143ok132 ;-)145...ok193 :)123 :)))) 183171130 ok:)ok203:)129przy prawy ciekawe ale trudne w układaniu 251oj tylko 233 hihihihiFajne fajneok-138ok141okTe kolorki i już marzę o lecie.

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