The old town of Dubrovnik (Croatia) online puzzle

Dbajurin 165 2019-08-30
The old town of Dubrovnik (Croatia) puzzle online from photo

Dubrovnik is a city situated on the southern tip of Croatia on the Adriatic coast. Dubrovnik is sometimes called the Pearl of the Adriatic because of its picturesque old town, which is entirely situated on a small promontory that cuts into the blue sea. The old town is surrounded by a medieval defensive wall that has survived in its entirety and is one of the best preserved fortifications in Europe. Dubrovnik is famous for its numerous monuments of Gothic architecture, among which the Gothic cloisters, cathedral, the Rectors' Palace and the oldest pharmacy in Europe are best-known.

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      ok.,164164, troszeczkę poprawiłam wynik. Trudne. Wszystko bardzo podobne kolorystycznie.162 ... to oki ... i o 25 sekund za dużo ... a to pech ...175, ojej jak się to trudno układało!!!lepiej mi poszło !!! 162 okdachy, dachy ... trudne !!! 174 okok179jestem na liście :) (253)

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