Ancient Maya ruins in Tulum (Mexico)

Alexander Garaev 60 2012-08-02
Ancient Maya ruins in Tulum (Mexico) online puzzle

The ruins of the Maya temples are definitely the most important point of the archeological research in Mexico. Tulum, which is located on the Riviera Maya Coast, is an amazing place. While sightseeing a tourist has a chance to notice the coast has barely changed in terms of culture since the times when it was inhabited by the first Mayas, who were creating their civilization. Apart from buildings, a visitor may see enormous ancient statues depicting the Mayan gods, bas-reliefs or wall paintings. It is also worth mentioning the virgin sands of Tulum beaches, or immaculate waters washing the rocky cliffs and the whole ruins. All these create an amazing view.

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  • 1:42bogusia
  • 2:05ale
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  • 2:27(92)claire
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  • 2:41ania
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  • 52lulu
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  • 53(3:33)petta
  • 53(5:12)ale
  • 53(5:38)zosia.c
  • 53(14:10).
  • 54(4:56)luiza
  • 54(5:43)Badul
  • 54(11:40)Tomasz

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super! ok z drzewami nie mogłam sobie poradzić 149 jest OK 56 mamwynik 75 61ok :) a myślałam że nie zrobię 76 72 chmury 57 ok68 Joł 7o zabytek wart ukladania 108.. budowla ciekawa ale te chmurki i ta zieleń trochę zgubna 66 udało sie 85 ok To nie Tulum, tylko Uxmal :) o.k. 281 superrr :)

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