Fresh strawberries and muffins in a metal bowl online puzzle

Kanvisstyle 130 2020-04-30
Fresh strawberries and muffins in a metal bowl online puzzle

Fresh fruit and muffins are primarily associated with an afternoon snack, but in many countries such a dish is served for breakfast. Fruits provide vitamins and refresh with their flavor and juiciness, whereas sweet muffins, bagels or croissants are a source of energy. If such delicacies are accompanied by black coffee or a cup of aromatic tea, we will begin our day in a tasty and pleasant way. This type of breakfast eaten in France, Italy or Spain, i.e. in relatively warm countries, where fresh fruits and white flour needed for baking sweet treats are available throughout the year. Today, however, the inhabitants of cold northern countries can get a handful of strawberries and a muffin, if only they wish to have a light and sweet breakfast.

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